Dix Communications is a fifth generation, family-owned business bringing news and multimedia marketing and advertising opportunities to our communities since 1890. Dix Communications owns and operates five daily newspapers, four radio stations and a multitude of digital products and marketing services.

Dix Communications is Local

Across our wide range of businesses one common thread can be found in our successes, our local focus. We actively support and serve each of our local communities.

Dix Communications is Relevant

We help businesses, individuals, families, organizations and local government stay connected with the latest local, relevant information.

Dix Communication is Trusted in the Community

Our long-standing reputation for integrity in the community is built on delivering local breaking news, advertising, and multiple complementary products all while building community involvement and long-term relationships.

Dix Communication is Evolving

As news and advertising media evolves, Dix is looking forward and expanding into non-traditional media space and other business opportunities.




The foundation of our culture is based on integrity, respect and service. We understand the importance of supporting and developing not only our employees and partners, but also those with whom we interact daily. We are committed to unlocking potential and building success for our customers, employees, partners and the communities in which we serve.



Dix is not just a company in a community - we consider ourselves part of the community. We play an active role and hold a vision that together with our employees, customers and partners, we create positive change. Whether we are delivering breaking news or providing programming for entertainment purposes, we understand the importance of reliability, trust, and action.



In addition to helping communities stay connected with the latest local information, our goal is to provide products and services that have a positive effect. We provide information and marketing vehicles that help local businesses and economies thrive. Through active participation in the local communities we serve, our goal is to elevate all our stakeholders including employees, suppliers and customers.